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31 images available for genera beginning with E

SpeciesFamilyCommon NameNumberImage
Erithalis fruticosa RubiaceaeBLACKTORCH;FL01728
Erithalis fruticosa RubiaceaeBLACKTORCH;FL02309
Erithalis fruticosa RubiaceaeBLACKTORCH;FL02434
Erithalis fruticosa RubiaceaeBLACKTORCH;FL20735
Erythrina herbacea FabaceaeCORALBEANFL12538
Erythrina herbacea FabaceaeCORALBEANFL02256
Erythrina herbacea FabaceaeCORALBEANFL17100
Erythrina herbacea FabaceaeCORALBEAN; CHEROKEE BEANFL02150
Erythrina herbacea FabaceaeCORALBEAN; CHEROKEE BEANFL18786
Erythrina herbacea FabaceaeCORALBEAN; CHEROKEE BEANFL19490
Eubotrys racemosa EricaceaeSWAMP DOGHOBBLE;FL19682
Eubotrys racemosa EricaceaeSWAMP DOGHOBBLE;FL19684
Eugenia axillaris MyrtaceaeWHITE STOPPER;FL20508
Eugenia axillaris MyrtaceaeWHITE STOPPER;FL20615
Eugenia rhombea MyrtaceaeRED STOPPER;FL07021
Eugenia uniflora MyrtaceaeSURINAM CHERRY;FL02806
Eugenia uniflora MyrtaceaeSURINAM CHERRY;FL19953
Eugenia uniflora MyrtaceaeSURINAM CHERRY;FL19954
Eugenia uniflora MyrtaceaeSURINAM CHERRY;FL19955
Eugenia uniflora MyrtaceaeSURINAM CHERRY;FL19963
Eugenia uniflora MyrtaceaeSURINAM CHERRY;FL19961
Euonymus americanus CelastraceaeAMERICAN STRAWBERRYBUSH;FL19204
Euonymus americanus CelastraceaeAMERICAN STRAWBERRYBUSH;FL19206
Euonymus atropurpureus CelastraceaeEASTERN WAHOO; BURNING BUSHFL03236
Exostema caribaeum RubiaceaeCARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;FL07071
Exostema caribaeum RubiaceaeCARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;FL20375
Exostema caribaeum RubiaceaeCARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;FL20377
Exostema caribaeum RubiaceaeCARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;FL20381
Exostema caribaeum RubiaceaeCARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;FL20382
Exothea paniculata SapindaceaeINKWOODFL02840