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27 images available for genera beginning with B

SpeciesFamilyCommon NameNumberImage
Baccharis halimifolia AsteraceaeGROUNDSEL TREE; SEA MYRTLE;FL22300
Baccharis halimifolia AsteraceaeGROUNDSEL TREE; SEA MYRTLEFL07282
Batis maritima BataceaeSALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDFL22285
Batis maritima BataceaeSALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDFL22287
Batis maritima BataceaeSALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDFL22290
Batis maritima BataceaeSALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDFL22292
Batis maritima BataceaeSALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDFL22293
Batis maritima BataceaeSALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDFL22294
Bejaria racemosa EricaceaeTARFLOWERFL15592
Bejaria racemosa EricaceaeTARFLOWERFL15592ST
Bejaria racemosa EricaceaeTARFLOWER;FL15598
Bourreria cassinifolia BoraginaceaeSMOOTH STRONGBARK; LITTLE STRONGBARKFL20705
Bourreria radula BoraginaceaeROUGH STRONGBARK;FL20631
Bourreria radula BoraginaceaeROUGH STRONGBARK;FL20632
Bourreria radula BoraginaceaeROUGH STRONGBARK;FL20727
Bourreria radula BoraginaceaeROUGH STRONGBARK;FL20729
Bourreria radula BoraginaceaeROUGH STRONGBARK;FL20730
Bourreria succulenta BoraginaceaeBAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODFL01378
Bourreria succulenta BoraginaceaeBAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODFL02443
Bourreria succulenta BoraginaceaeBAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODFL03032
Bourreria succulenta BoraginaceaeBAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOOD;FL20733
Brugmansia suaveolens SolanaceaeANGEL'S TRUMPET;FL20367
Brugmansia suaveolens SolanaceaeANGEL'S TRUMPET;FL20371
Brugmansia suaveolens SolanaceaeANGEL'S TRUMPET;FL20618
Buckleya distichophylla SantalaceaePIRATEBUSH;FL20327
Byrsonima lucida MalpighiaceaeLONG KEY LOCUSTBERRY;FL01707
Byrsonima lucida MalpighiaceaeLONG KEY LOCUSTBERRY;FL02295