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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented in the selections below include 2927 of 19545 available plant and wildflower images representing 1515 species. Images are regularly added to the online image database. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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155 images available for genera beginning with Q

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Quercus alba WHITE OAKFagaceaeFL16578
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL19504
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL20663
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL19503
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL19502
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL19501
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL18620
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL20664
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21041
Quercus alba WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21044
Quercus alba WHITE OAKFagaceaeFL17387
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAK;FagaceaeFL20116
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAK;FagaceaeFL20113
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAKFagaceaeFL02218
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAKFagaceaeFL02218A
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAK;FagaceaeFL20110
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAK;FagaceaeFL20107
Quercus arkansana ARKANSAS OAK;FagaceaeFL21023
Quercus austrina BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21011
Quercus chapmanii CHAPMAN'S OAK;FagaceaeFL21024
Quercus chapmanii CHAPMAN'S OAK;FagaceaeFL21025
Quercus chapmanii CHAPMAN'S OAKFagaceaeFL16710
Quercus chapmanii CHAPMAN'S OAKFagaceaeFL16700
Quercus chapmanii CHAPMAN'S OAKFagaceaeFL16706
Quercus coccinea SCARLET OAK; BLACK OAK; RED OAK; SPANISH OAK;FagaceaeFL21935
Quercus coccinea SCARLET OAK; BLACK OAK; RED OAK; SPANISH OAK;FagaceaeFL21938
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21074
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21012
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21013
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL22115
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL22114
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21073
Quercus durandii DURAND'S OAK; BASKET OAK; BASTARD WHITE OAK;FagaceaeFL21072
Quercus elliottii RUNNING OAK;FagaceaeFL21057
Quercus elliottii RUNNING OAK;FagaceaeFL21055
Quercus elliottii RUNNING OAK;FagaceaeFL21058
Quercus elliottii RUNNING OAK;FagaceaeFL21059
Quercus falcata SPANISH OAK; SOUTHERN RED OAKFagaceaeFL02119
Quercus falcata SPANISH OAK; SOUTHERN RED OAKFagaceaeFL02116
Quercus falcata SPANISH OAK; SOUTHERN RED OAKFagaceaeFL02112
Quercus geminata SAND LIVE OAKFagaceaeFL16720
Quercus geminata SAND LIVE OAKFagaceaeFL16679
Quercus geminata SAND LIVE OAKFagaceaeFL16687
Quercus geminata SAND LIVE OAKFagaceaeFL16650
Quercus geminata SAND LIVE OAKFagaceaeFL01571
Quercus geminata SAND LIVE OAKFagaceaeFL01571A
Quercus georgiana GEORGIA OAKFagaceaeFL17013
Quercus hemisphaerica DARLINGTON OAKFagaceaeFL16567
Quercus hemisphaerica DARLINGTON OAKFagaceaeFL16575
Quercus imbricaria SHINGLE OAK;FagaceaeFL21010
Quercus imbricaria SHINGLE OAK;FagaceaeFL21009
Quercus incana BLUEJACK OAK;FagaceaeFL19735
Quercus incana BLUEJACK OAK;FagaceaeFL02059
Quercus inopina SCRUB OAKFagaceaeFL01189
Quercus laevis TURKEY OAKFagaceaeFL16632
Quercus laevis TURKEY OAKFagaceaeFL16657
Quercus laevis TURKEY OAK;FagaceaeFL18595
Quercus laevis TURKEY OAKFagaceaeFL16655
Quercus laurifolia LAUREL OAK; DIAMOND OAKFagaceaeFL21099
Quercus laurifolia LAUREL OAKFagaceaeFL07506
Quercus laurifolia LAUREL OAK; DIAMOND OAKFagaceaeFL21098
Quercus laurifolia LAUREL OAK; DIAMOND OAKFagaceaeFL21096
Quercus laurifolia LAUREL OAK; DIAMOND OAKFagaceaeFL21095
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAK;FagaceaeFL21069
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAKFagaceaeFL07505
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAK;FagaceaeFL21070
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAK;FagaceaeFL22262
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAK;FagaceaeFL21071
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAK;FagaceaeFL22263
Quercus lyrata OVERCUP OAKFagaceaeFL07505A
Quercus margaretta SAND POST OAKFagaceaeFL16652
Quercus margaretta SAND POST OAKFagaceaeFL16658
Quercus margaretta SAND POST OAKFagaceaeFL16661
Quercus margaretta SAND POST OAKFagaceaeFL16663
Quercus marilandica BLACKJACK OAK;FagaceaeFL19745
Quercus marilandica BLACKJACK OAK;FagaceaeFL01807
Quercus marilandica BLACKJACK OAK;FagaceaeFL19744
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL17385
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL16589
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL16590
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL16761
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL16758
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL16594A
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL17386
Quercus michauxii SWAMP CHESTNUT OAK;FagaceaeFL18453
Quercus michauxii BASKET OAKFagaceaeFL16591
Quercus minima DWARF LIVE OAK;FagaceaeFL21089
Quercus montana CHESTNUT OAK;FagaceaeFL18554
Quercus montana CHESTNUT OAK;FagaceaeFL18551
Quercus muehlenbergii CHINQUAPIN OAK;FagaceaeFL21068
Quercus muehlenbergii CHINQUAPIN OAK;FagaceaeFL21017
Quercus muehlenbergii CHINQUAPIN OAK;FagaceaeFL21014
Quercus muehlenbergii CHINQUAPIN OAK;FagaceaeFL21067
Quercus muehlenbergii CHINQUAPIN OAK;FagaceaeFL21015
Quercus myrtifolia MYRTLE OAKFagaceaeFL16699
Quercus myrtifolia MYRTLE OAKFagaceaeFL16690
Quercus nigra WATER OAKFagaceaeFL16518
Quercus nigra WATER OAK;FagaceaeFL02107
Quercus nigra WATER OAKFagaceaeFL16515
Quercus nigra WATER OAKFagaceaeFL16514
Quercus nigra WATER OAK;FagaceaeFL19508
Quercus nigra WATER OAKFagaceaeFL16510
Quercus oglethorpensis OGLETHORPE OAK;FagaceaeFL21008
Quercus oglethorpensis OGLETHORPE OAK;FagaceaeFL21007
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL21065
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL21061
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL22280
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL21079
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL21062
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL21063
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL22277
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAKFagaceaeFL16900
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAKFagaceaeFL16897
Quercus pagoda CHERRYBARK OAK;FagaceaeFL20197
Quercus palustris PIN OAK;FagaceaeFL19197
Quercus palustris PIN OAK;FagaceaeFL19195
Quercus palustris PIN OAK;FagaceaeFL19199
Quercus phellos WILLOW OAK;FagaceaeFL21022
Quercus phellos WILLOW OAK;FagaceaeFL18668
Quercus phellos WILLOW OAK;FagaceaeFL18670
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL21907
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL18976
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL18977
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL18979
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL18980
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL18983
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL21906
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL18972
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL21911
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL21924
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL21912
Quercus rubra NORTHERN RED OAK;FagaceaeFL21921
Quercus shumardii SHUMARD OAK;FagaceaeFL02126
Quercus shumardii SHUMARD OAK;FagaceaeFL18791
Quercus shumardii SHUMARD OAK;FagaceaeFL20665
Quercus shumardii SHUMARD OAK;FagaceaeFL20666
Quercus shumardii SHUMARD OAK;FagaceaeFL21019
Quercus shumardii SHUMARD OAK;FagaceaeFL21021
Quercus stellata POST OAKFagaceaeFL16506
Quercus stellata POST OAK;FagaceaeFL21085
Quercus stellata POST OAK;FagaceaeFL21087
Quercus stellata POST OAKFagaceaeFL16553
Quercus stellata POST OAKFagaceaeFL16555
Quercus stellata POST OAKFagaceaeFL16560
Quercus stellata POST OAK;FagaceaeFL21086
Quercus stellata POST OAKFagaceaeFL16503
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL19487
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL21091
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL21075
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL21076
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL21093
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL21077
Quercus velutina BLACK OAK;FagaceaeFL21090
Quercus virginiana LIVE OAK;FagaceaeFL18732
Quercus virginiana LIVE OAK;FagaceaeFL02047