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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented in the selections below include 2927 of 19545 available plant and wildflower images representing 1515 species. Images are regularly added to the online image database. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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31 images available for genera beginning with O

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Ochrosia elliptica LIPSTICK TREE;ApocynaceaeFL20502
Ochrosia elliptica LIPSTICK TREE;ApocynaceaeFL20496
Ochrosia elliptica LIPSTICK TREE;ApocynaceaeFL20506
Oclemena reticulata WHITETOP ASTER; PINEBARREN ASTERAsteraceaeFL08675
Oclemena reticulata WHITETOP ASTER; PINEBARREN ASTERAsteraceaeFL08061
Ocotea coriacea LANCEWOOD;LauraceaeFL01616
Onosmodium virginianum FALSE GROMWELL; WILD JOB'S TEARS;BoraginaceaeFL12072
Ophioglossum crotalophoroides BULBOUS ADDER'S-TONGUE; DWARF ADDER'S-TONGUE FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05140
Ophioglossum nudicaule SLENDER ADDER'S-TONGUE;OphioglossaceaeFL07438
Ophioglossum palmatum HAND FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL06050
Ophioglossum palmatum HAND FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL06046
Ophioglossum pendulum OLD WORLD ADDER'S-TONGUE;OphioglossaceaeFL06130
Ophioglossum petiolatum STALKED ADDER'S TONGUE;OphioglossaceaeFL05294
Orobanche uniflora RED BROOMRAPEOrobanchaceaeFL08424
Orontium aquaticum GOLDENCLUBAraceaeFL00394
Osmanthus americanus WILD OLIVE; AMERICAN DEVILWOODOleaceaeFL19160
Osmanthus americanus WILD OLIVEOleaceaeFL01543
Osmunda cinnamomea CINNAMON FERN;OsmundaceaeFL05280
Ostrya virginiana EASTERN HOPHORNBEAM;BetulaceaeFL02178
Ostrya virginiana EASTERN HOPHORNBEAMBetulaceaeFL17074
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOOD;EricaceaeFL21284
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOOD;EricaceaeFL18966
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOODEricaceaeFL05570A
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOODEricaceaeFL05569
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOODEricaceaeFL05570
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOOD;EricaceaeFL21287
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOOD;EricaceaeFL17683
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOOD;EricaceaeFL18556
Oxydendrum arboreum SOURWOOD;EricaceaeFL18962
Oxypolis rigidior STIFF COWBANE;ApiaceaeFL08046
Oxypolis ternata PIEDMONT COWBANEApiaceaeFL11124