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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented in the selections below include 2927 of 19545 available plant and wildflower images representing 1515 species. Images are regularly added to the online image database. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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14 images available for genera beginning with K

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Kalmia hirsuta WICKYEricaceaeFL15783
Kalmia hirsuta WICKY; HAIRY LAURELEricaceaeFL16048
Kalmia hirsuta WICKY; HAIRY LAURELEricaceaeFL00585
Kalmia hirsuta WICKYEricaceaeFL15615
Kalmia latifolia MOUNTAIN LAURELEricaceaeFL15122
Kalmia latifolia MOUNTAIN LAUREL;EricaceaeFL17059
Kalmia latifolia MOUNTAIN LAUREL;EricaceaeFL17058
Khaya senegalensis AFRICAN MAHOGANY;MeliaceaeFL19904
Khaya senegalensis AFRICAN MAHOGANY;MeliaceaeFL19902
Khaya senegalensis AFRICAN MAHOGANY;MeliaceaeFL19898
Khaya senegalensis AFRICAN MAHOGANY;MeliaceaeFL19895
Khaya senegalensis AFRICAN MAHOGANY;MeliaceaeFL19896
Koelreuteria elegans formosanaGOLDEN RAIN TREE;SapindaceaeFL20435
Koelreuteria elegans formosanaGOLDEN RAIN TREE;SapindaceaeFL20437