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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented in the selections below include 2927 of 19545 available plant and wildflower images representing 1515 species. Images are regularly added to the online image database. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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57 images available for genera beginning with D

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Dalbergia sissoo INDIAN ROSEWOOD;FabaceaeFL20291
Dalbergia sissoo INDIAN ROSEWOOD;FabaceaeFL20294
Dalbergia sissoo INDIAN ROSEWOOD;FabaceaeFL20297
Dalea carnea gracilisWHITETASSELSFabaceaeFL10506
Decumaria barbara COWITCH VINE; CLIMBING HYDRANGEA; WOODVAMPSaxifragaceaeFL15628
Decumaria barbara COWITCH VINE; CLIMBING HYDRANGEA; WOODVAMPSaxifragaceaeFL17833
Decumaria barbara COWITCH VINESaxifragaceaeFL17240
Delonix regia ROYAL POINCIANA;FabaceaeFL20019
Delonix regia ROYAL POINCIANA;FabaceaeFL19935
Delonix regia ROYAL POINCIANA;FabaceaeFL20013
Delonix regia ROYAL POINCIANA;FabaceaeFL20014
Delonix regia ROYAL POINCIANA;FabaceaeFL20021
Deparia petersenii JAPANESE FALSE SPLEENWORT;AspleniaceaeFL04053
Deparia petersenii JAPANESE FALSE SPLEENWORT;AspleniaceaeFL04055
Desmodium nudiflorum NAKEDFLOWER TICKTREFOIL;FabaceaeFL10200
Dicerandra linearifolia COASTALPLAIN BALM;LamiaceaeFL08025
Dichondra carolinensis CAROLINA PONYSFOOT;ConvolvulaceaeFL14330
Diodia virginiana VIRGINIA BUTTONWEEDRubiaceaeFL16499
Diospyros ebenum EBONY;EbenaceaeFL20968
Diospyros ebenum EBONY;EbenaceaeFL20971
Diospyros ebenum EBONY;EbenaceaeFL20967
Diospyros maritima NONE;EbenaceaeFL20722
Diospyros maritima NONE;EbenaceaeFL20721
Diospyros maritima NONE;EbenaceaeFL20718
Diospyros maritima NONE;EbenaceaeFL20723
Diospyros maritima NONE;EbenaceaeFL20717
Diospyros virginiana COMMON PERSIMMON;EbenaceaeFL02031
Diospyros virginiana COMMON PERSIMMON;EbenaceaeFL06245
Diospyros virginiana COMMON PERSIMMON;EbenaceaeFL06248
Dirca palustris EASTERN LEATHERWOOD;ThymelaeaceaeFL19373
Dirca palustris EASTERN LEATHERWOOD;ThymelaeaceaeFL19364
Dirca palustris EASTERN LEATHERWOOD;ThymelaeaceaeFL19365
Dirca palustris EASTERN LEATHERWOOD;ThymelaeaceaeFL19372
Dodecatheon meadia SHOOTINGSTAR; PRIDE-OF-OHIOPrimulaceaeFL18696
Dodecatheon meadia SHOOTINGSTAR; PRIDE-OF-OHIOPrimulaceaeFL18691
Dodecatheon meadia SHOOTINGSTAR; PRIDE-OF-OHIOPrimulaceaeFL18688
Dodonaea elaeagnoides SMALLFRUIT VARNISHLEAF; KEYS HOPBUSHSapindaceaeFL02421
Dodonaea viscosa VARNISHLEAF; FLORIDA HOPBUSH;SapindaceaeFL01056
Dodonaea viscosa VARNISHLEAF; FLORIDA HOPBUSH;SapindaceaeFL01057
Doellingeria sericocarpoides SOUTHERN WHITETOP;AsteraceaeFL08051
Drosera brevifolia DWARF SUNDEWDroseraceaeFL12208
Drosera tracyi TRACY'S SUNDEWDroseraceaeFL12435
Dryopteris ludoviciana SOUTHERN WOOD FERN;AspleniaceaeFL04096
Dryopteris ludoviciana SOUTHERN WOOD FERN;AspleniaceaeFL04095
Drypetes diversifolia WHITEWOOD; MILKBARKEuphorbiaceaeFL01249
Drypetes diversifolia WHITEWOOD; MILKBARKEuphorbiaceaeFL01224
Duranta erecta GOLDEN DEWDROPS;VerbenaceaeFL02183
Duranta erecta GOLDEN DEWDROPS;VerbenaceaeFL02185
Duranta erecta GOLDEN DEWDROPS;VerbenaceaeFL20426
Dypsis lutescens ARECA PALM;ArecaceaeFL19947
Dypsis lutescens ARECA PALM;ArecaceaeFL19949
Dypsis lutescens ARECA PALM;ArecaceaeFL19951
Dypsis lutescens ARECA PALM;ArecaceaeFL19950
Dypsis lutescens ARECA PALM;ArecaceaeFL19948
Dyschoriste oblongifolia OBLONGLEAF TWINFLOWER; OBLONGLEAF SNAKEHERBAcanthaceaeFL08999
Dyschoriste oblongifolia OBLONGLEAF TWINFLOWER; OBLONGLEAF SNAKEHERBAcanthaceaeFL12762
Dyschoriste oblongifolia OBLONGLEAF TWINFLOWER; OBLONGLEAF SNAKEHERBAcanthaceaeFL12757