About PanFlora's File Data

PanFlora is a database of plant occurrence, distribution, and flowering time data for the Florida panhandle. The database contains more than 35,000 records gleaned mostly from field observations, but also from herbarium records and literature. Major field survey contributors to the data include Gil Nelson and Angus Gholson. Primary literature references include the Atlas of Florida Native Plants, Guide to the Vascular Plants of the Florida Panhandle by Andy Clewell, and Guide to the Vascular Plants of Florida by Richard Wunderlin and Bruce Hansen. Specimen records from the Robert K. Godfrey Herbarium at Florida State University and the AKG Herbarium (the private herbarium of Angus Gholson) are also included.

The data on this page are formatted and presented in a number of Portable Document Format (.pdf) files which require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader that can be easily downloaded and installed.

The files are organized alphabetically by Latin name (genus, species, variety, subspecies). Common names are not currently included, but may be added in future revisions.

The data available include:

County plant lists. As defined here, the Florida panhandle includes the 21 counties west of the Suwannee River. A file is included for each of these counties. A single file of all plants occurring in the Florida panhandle is also included in this directory.

Federal, state, and local parks and forests. Several public parks, preserves, and forests, located primarily within the central part of the Florida panhandle, have been sufficiently surveyed to produce site-specific species lists. Others will likely follow.

Flowering times by month. This collection of files includes list of species that might be found flowering in a given month. These data represent known occurrences of plants in flower. For more detailed and customized lists, click the Flowering button at the left and define your own unique search.