Title: East Gulf Coastal Plain Wildflowers

Descripton: East Gulf Coastal Plain Wildflowers, released in June 2005, is one of a series of new Falcon Guides designed to provide much of the United States with ecoregion-specific wildflower guides. This book includes 300 species, all illustrated with high quality color photographs. Complete field descriptions include tips for easy identification, as well as information about distribution and blooming season. Each account also includes a comment section with additional lore that highlights such important information as the derivation of the species' common or scientific name, its cultural and medicinal uses, or other interesting facts. The book focuses on the East Gulf Coastal Plain, a region that includes southwest Georgia (north to about Columbus), the Florida panhandle, southern Alabama, southern Mississippi, and eastern Louisiana. Although many of the included species are common throughout the region, about 20% of the book includes rare, endemic, or often overlooked species. Special attention has also been given to including species for which good photographs are not available or have not been published.

About the Author: Gil Nelson is an author, photographer, and naturalist working throughout the southeastern United States. He has written 8 single-author books and is a leading co-author for two National Audubon Society field guides. His work has also appeared in numerous regional and national magazines and he regularly speaks and leads field trips for a variety of nature-oriented organizations. East Gulf Coastal Plain Wildflowers is his ninth book.

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