Working description from Trees of Florida

Bluff Oak

Quercus austrina Small

Form: Medium-sized deciduous tree with whitish, scaly bark similar in appearance to the white oak (Q. alba).

Leaves: Alternate, simple, 3 - 15 cm long, 2 - 8 cm wide, margins semishallowly and irregularly lobed, lobes numbering five to seven.

Fruit: Acorn 1.2 - 2 cm long and borne in a thin, shallow, bowl-shaped cup.

Distinguishing Marks: Distinguished from white oak by leaves being shorter and more shallowly lobed, the sinuses between the lobes usually not exceeding one-half the length of the lobe, the undersurfaces of leaves being green rather than whitish, and by the lobes on a given leaf generally being seven or less in number.

Distribution: Slopes, ravines, and bluffs; throughout the panhandle, eastward to the north-central counties.

Additional Remarks