Articles by Gil Nelson

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Five task clusters that enable efficient and effective digitization of biological collections
ZooKeys 209 (2012) Special Issue

Native Evergreen Hollies
The American Gardener, Nov/Dec 2009

Native Deciduous Hollies
The American Gardener, Sept/Oct 2009

America's Magnolias
The American Gardener, Sept/Oct 2008

Bog Gardening with Carnivorous Plants
Palmetto, Fall 2008

The Crown Jewel of the Big Bend
Tallahassee Magazine, May/June 2000

A New Station for Dicranopteris flexuosa in Franklin County, Florida.
American Fern Journal, 88(3):143 (1998)

Special Orchids of the Florida Big Bend
The Palmetto, Spring 1997 (co-authored with Angus K. Gholson, Jr. and W. Wilson Baker)

The Magnolias of Tennessee
Tennessee Conservationist, November/December 1993

Florida's Native Pine Communities
Florida Wildlife, September/October 1993

Paddling Through the Past (St. Marks River)
Tallahassee Magazine, May/June 1993

Silent Partners: The Nature Conservancy Quietly Preserves the Big Bend
Tallahassee Magazine, March/April 1993

Betty Komarek: Birdsong's First Lady
Tallahassee Magazine, January/February 1993

Imitation of Life
Tallahassee Magazine, January/February 1993

Tennessee's Citico Creek
Backpacker Magazine, December 1992

The Professor Who Always Gives a Sea (Dr. Bill Hernkind)
Tallahassee Magazine, November/December 1992

Gulf Coast Tidal Marshes
Louisiana Conservationist, November/December 1992

Defending the Wetlands (Ducks Unlimited)
Tallahassee Magazine, September/October 1992

Blue Ridge Wilderness Areas
Blue Ridge Country, September/October 1992

Virginia's High Country
Backpacker Magazine, August 1992

Caverns of Living History (Florida Caverns)
Tallahassee Magazine, July/August 1992

Cohutta Wilderness Preserves A Wild and Rugged Treasure
Georgia Journal, Summer 1992

Citico Sights
Tennessee Conservationist, May/June 1992

A Driver's Guide to N. Georgia's Mountain Peaks
Blue Ridge Country, May/June 1992

White Water!
Tallahassee Magazine, May/June 1992

Flowering Trees and Shrubs
Nature Photographer, May/June 1992

Walking the Trails of Birdsong Nature Center
Georgia Journal, Spring 1992

The Ocoee and Hiwassee Rivers
The Tennessee Conservationist, Mar-Apr 1992

Sharing a Lifetime of Rich Experience (Katie Sollohub)
Tallahassee Magazine, Mar-Apr 1992

Exploring Retirement in the Great Outdoors (Dr. Inez Frink)
Tallahassee Magazine, Jan-Feb 1992

Birds of a Feather Get Counted Together
Tallahassee Magazine, Nov-Dec 1991

Walking the North Georgia Mountains
Georgia Living, Sep-Oct 1991

The Fight for the Apalachicola
Tallahassee Magazine, Sep-Oct 1991

Rookery Residents
Florida Wildlife, Sep-Oct 1991

Exploring the North Georgia Mountains
Tallahassee Magazine, May-Jun 1991

Birdsong Nature Center: A Naturalist's Treasure
Tallahassee Magazine, May-Jun 1991

Big Bend Rivers Part III
Tallahassee Magazine, Mar-Apr 1991

Big Bend Rivers Part II
Tallahassee Magazine, Nov-Dec 1990

Big Bend Rivers Part I
Tallahassee Magazine, Sep-Oct 1990

Red Gidden: Dean of the Gulf Coast Naturalists
Tallahassee Magazine, Jul-Aug 1990

Watch Out for the Terns
Tallahassee Magazine, May-Jun 1990

Big Bend's Coastal Parks
Tallahassee Magazine, Mar-Apr 1990

North Florida's Cypress Trees
Tallahassee Magazine, Mar-Apr 1990

The Rise and Fall of Tallahassee
Tallahassee Magazine, Nov-Dec 1989

Wintering Waterfowl: Bird Watching - Part III
Tallahassee Magazine, Nov-Dec 1989

North Florida's Saltmarshes
Tallahassee Magazine, Sep-Oct 1989

Birds of Our Beaches and Shores: Bird Watching -Part II
Tallahassee Magazine, Sep-Oct 1989

Wading Birds Inhabit the Wetlands: Bird Watching - Part I
Tallahassee Magazine, Jul-Aug 1989

Florida's Native Wildflowers
Tallahassee Magazine, Spring 1989

The Quiet Look at Wildlife
Tallahassee Magazine, Fall 1988

Up the Lazy River
Tallahassee Magazine, Summer 1988