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92 images available for genera beginning with E

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Echinacea purpurea EASTERN PURPLE CONEFLOWERAsteraceaeFL00822
Echinacea purpurea EASTERN PURPLE CONEFLOWERAsteraceaeFL17122
Echinacea purpurea EASTERN PURPLE CONEFLOWERAsteraceaeFL17127
Echinacea purpurea EASTERN PURPLE CONEFLOWERAsteraceaeFL17128
Echinacea purpurea EASTERN PURPLE CONEFLOWERAsteraceaeFL17149
Echinacea purpurea EASTERN PURPLE CONEFLOWER;AsteraceaeFL06599
Echinaceae purpurea 'Kims Kneehigh' PURPLE CONEFLOWER 'KIMS KNEEHIGH'AsteraceaeFL18484
Elaeis guineensis AFRICAN OIL PALM;ArecaceaeFL20716
Elaeis guineensis AFRICAN OIL PALM;ArecaceaeFL20447
Elaeis guineensis AFRICAN OIL PALM;ArecaceaeFL20713
Elaeis guineensis AFRICAN OIL PALM;ArecaceaeFL20444
Elephantopus carolinianus CAROLINA ELEPHANTSFOOT;AsteraceaeFL13637
Elephantopus tomentosus ELEPHANT'S-FOOTAsteraceaeFL10322
Enemion biternatum EASTERN FALSE RUE ANEMONERanunculaceaeFL05947
Enemion biternatum EASTERN FALSE RUE ANEMONERanunculaceaeFL05948
Enterolobium contortisiliquum EARPOD TREE;FabaceaeFL20699
Enterolobium contortisiliquum EARPOD TREE;FabaceaeFL20698
Enterolobium contortisiliquum EARPOD TREE;FabaceaeFL20696
Epidendrum conopseum GREEN-FLY ORCHID;OrchidaceaeFL12845
Epidendrum conopseum GREEN-FLY ORCHID;OrchidaceaeFL12855
Equisetum hyemale affineSCOURING-RUSHEquisetaceaeFL17096
Erigeron pulchellus ROBIN'S PLANTAINAsteraceaeFL16336
Erigeron pulchellus ROBIN'S PLANTAINAsteraceaeFL16337
Erigeron pulchellus ROBIN'S PLANTAINAsteraceaeFL16338
Erigeron vernus EARLY WHITETOP FLEABANEAsteraceaeFL08305
Eriobotrya japonica LOQUAT; JAPANESE PLUM;RosaceaeFL20086
Eriobotrya japonica LOQUAT; JAPANESE PLUM;RosaceaeFL20085
Eriobotrya japonica LOQUAT; JAPANESE PLUM;RosaceaeFL19804
Eriocaulon decangulare TENANGLE PIPEWORT;EriocaulaceaeFL09600
Eriogonum tomentosum DOGTONGUE WILD BUCKWHEAT;PolygonaceaeFL09872
Erithalis fruticosa BLACKTORCH;RubiaceaeFL02434
Erithalis fruticosa BLACKTORCH;RubiaceaeFL20735
Erithalis fruticosa BLACKTORCH;RubiaceaeFL02309
Erithalis fruticosa BLACKTORCH;RubiaceaeFL01728
Eryngium aquaticum RATTLESNAKEMASTERApiaceaeFL07892
Eryngium aquaticum RATTLESNAKEMASTERApiaceaeFL07890
Eryngium integrifolium BLUEFLOWER ERYNGOApiaceaeFL15914
Eryngium yuccifolium BUTTON RATTLESNAKEMASTERApiaceaeFL15920
Erythrina herbacea CORALBEAN; CHEROKEE BEANFabaceaeFL19490
Erythrina herbacea CORALBEAN; CHEROKEE BEANFabaceaeFL18786
Erythrina herbacea CORALBEANFabaceaeFL12538
Erythrina herbacea CORALBEANFabaceaeFL17100
Erythrina herbacea CORALBEANFabaceaeFL02256
Erythrina herbacea CORALBEAN; CHEROKEE BEANFabaceaeFL02150
Erythronium umbilicatum DIMPLED TROUTLILYLiliaceaeFL16914
Erythronium umbilicatum DIMPLED TROUTLILYLiliaceaeFL16925
Erythronium umbilicatum DIMPLED TROUTLILYLiliaceaeFL16930
Eubotrys racemosa SWAMP DOGHOBBLE;EricaceaeFL19684
Eubotrys racemosa SWAMP DOGHOBBLE;EricaceaeFL19682
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL21990
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL21992
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL21991
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL22005
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL22002
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL22006
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL21997
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL22004
Eucalyptus grandis GRAND EUCALYPTUS;MyrtaceaeFL21994
Eugenia axillaris WHITE STOPPER;MyrtaceaeFL20508
Eugenia axillaris WHITE STOPPER;MyrtaceaeFL20615
Eugenia rhombea RED STOPPER;MyrtaceaeFL07021
Eugenia uniflora SURINAM CHERRY;MyrtaceaeFL19961
Eugenia uniflora SURINAM CHERRY;MyrtaceaeFL19963
Eugenia uniflora SURINAM CHERRY;MyrtaceaeFL19955
Eugenia uniflora SURINAM CHERRY;MyrtaceaeFL02806
Eugenia uniflora SURINAM CHERRY;MyrtaceaeFL19954
Eugenia uniflora SURINAM CHERRY;MyrtaceaeFL19953
Euonymus americanus AMERICAN STRAWBERRYBUSH;CelastraceaeFL19206
Euonymus americanus AMERICAN STRAWBERRYBUSH;CelastraceaeFL19204
Euonymus atropurpureus EASTERN WAHOO; BURNING BUSHCelastraceaeFL03236
Eupatorium dubium COASTALPLAIN JOEPYE WEED;AsteraceaeFL13460
Eupatorium dubium COASTALPLAIN JOEPYE WEED;AsteraceaeFL13468
Eupatorium fistulosum QUEEN-OF-THE-MEADOW; JOEPYEWEEDAsteraceaeFL13043
Eupatorium fistulosum QUEEN-OF-THE-MEADOW; JOEPYEWEEDAsteraceaeFL18612
Eupatorium fistulosum QUEEN-OF-THE-MEADOW; JOEPYEWEEDAsteraceaeFL00718
Eupatorium leucolepis JUSTICEWEED;AsteraceaeFL07804
Euphorbia inundata FLORIDA PINELAND SPURGEEuphorbiaceaeFL08267
Euphorbia telephioides TELEPHUS SPURGEEuphorbiaceaeFL16385
Euphorbia telephioides TELEPHUS SPURGEEuphorbiaceaeFL16376
Eurybia eryngiifolia THISTLELEAF ASTERAsteraceaeFL09060
Eurybia paludosa SOUTHERN SWAMP ASTER ;AsteraceaeFL13919
Eustachys floridana TWOSPIKE FINGERGRASSPoaceaeFL16599A
Eustachys floridana TWOSPIKE FINGERGRASSPoaceaeFL16605
Eustachys floridana TWOSPIKE FINGERGRASSPoaceaeFL16599
Evolvulus sericeus SILVER DWARF MORNING-GLORY;ConvolvulaceaeFL15535
Exostema caribaeum CARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;RubiaceaeFL07071
Exostema caribaeum CARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;RubiaceaeFL20375
Exostema caribaeum CARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;RubiaceaeFL20377
Exostema caribaeum CARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;RubiaceaeFL20382
Exostema caribaeum CARIBBEAN PRINCEWOOD;RubiaceaeFL20381
Exothea paniculata INKWOODSapindaceaeFL02840