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114 images available for genera beginning with B

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Baccharis halimifolia GROUNDSEL TREE; SEA MYRTLE;AsteraceaeFL22300
Baccharis halimifolia GROUNDSEL TREE; SEA MYRTLEAsteraceaeFL07282
Balduina angustifolia COASTALPLAIN HONEYCOMBHEAD;AsteraceaeFL10852
Balduina atropurpurea PURPLEDISK HONEYCOMBHEADAsteraceaeFL13661
Balduina uniflora ONEFLOWER HONEYCOMBHEADAsteraceaeFL15916
Balduina uniflora ONEFLOWER HONEYCOMBHEAD;AsteraceaeFL09331
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL17763
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL19500
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL19497
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL14385
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL14403
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL19498
Baptisia alba WHITE WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL14391
Baptisia australis TALL BLUE WILD INDIGOFabaceaeFL17189A
Baptisia australis TALL BLUE WILD INDIGOFabaceaeFL17189
Baptisia australis TALL BLUE WILD INDIGOFabaceaeFL17186
Baptisia australis TALL BLUE WILD INDIGOFabaceaeFL17105
Baptisia lanceolata GOPHERWEEDFabaceaeFL17101
Baptisia lanceolata GOPHERWEED;FabaceaeFL08446
Baptisia lanceolata GOPHERWEED;FabaceaeFL08440
Baptisia megacarpa APALACHICOLA WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL08604
Baptisia megacarpa APALACHICOLA WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL08608
Baptisia megacarpa APALACHICOLA WILD INDIGO;FabaceaeFL15640
Baptisia sphaerocarpa FabaceaeFL17112
Bartonia verna WHITE SCREWSTEMGentianaceaeFL11353
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22287
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22290
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22294
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22293
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22292
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22285
Bauhinia purpurea PURPLE ORCHID TREE; BUTTERFLY TREEFabaceaeFL20088
Bauhinia purpurea PURPLE ORCHID TREE; BUTTERFLY TREEFabaceaeFL20090
Bauhinia purpurea PURPLE ORCHID TREE; BUTTERFLY TREEFabaceaeFL20091
Bauhinia variegata ORCHID TREE;FabaceaeFL00983
Bauhinia variegata ORCHID TREE;FabaceaeFL20290
Bauhinia variegata ORCHID TREE;FabaceaeFL20287
Bejaria racemosa TARFLOWER;EricaceaeFL15598
Bejaria racemosa TARFLOWEREricaceaeFL15592
Bejaria racemosa TARFLOWEREricaceaeFL15592ST
Berchemia scandens ALABAMA SUPPLEJACK; RATTAN VINERhamnaceaeFL18434
Berlandiera pumila SOFT GREENEYES;AsteraceaeFL09203
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18997
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18994
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18996
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19000
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19012
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19005
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19006
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19016
Betula nigra RIVER BIRCHBetulaceaeFL17312
Betula nigra RIVER BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18467
Betula nigra RIVER BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL07716
Betula papyrifera cordifoliaMOUNTAIN PAPER BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL21944
Betula populifolia GRAY BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL21943
Bidens bipinnata SPANISH NEEDLES;AsteraceaeFL10404
Bignonia capreolata CROSSVINE;BignoniaceaeFL02683
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL20310
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL20306
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL20308
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL20984
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL20986
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL19923
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL19925
Bischofia javanica BISCHOFIA;PhyllanthaceaeFL19924
Boltonia diffusa SMALLHEAD DOLL'S DAISY;AsteraceaeFL10874
Boltonia diffusa SMALLHEAD DOLL'S DAISY;AsteraceaeFL09428
Boltonia diffusa SMALLHEAD DOLL'S DAISY;AsteraceaeFL10867
Botrychium biternatum SOUTHERN GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL04015
Botrychium dissectum CUTLEAF GRAPEFERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05733
Botrychium lunarioides WINTER GRAPE-FERNOphioglossaceaeFL16880
Botrychium lunarioides WINTER GRAPE-FERNOphioglossaceaeFL16874
Botrychium virginianum RATTLESNAKE FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05003
Botrychium virginianum RATTLESNAKE FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL06136
Botrychium x jenmanii ALABAMA GRAPE-FERN; JENMAN'S GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05726
Botrychium x jenmanii ALABAMA GRAPE-FERN; JENMAN'S GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05716
Botrychium x jenmanii ALABAMA GRAPE-FERN; JENMAN'S GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05702
Bourreria cassinifolia SMOOTH STRONGBARK; LITTLE STRONGBARKBoraginaceaeFL20705
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20730
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20729
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20727
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20632
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20631
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODBoraginaceaeFL03032
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODBoraginaceaeFL02443
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODBoraginaceaeFL01378
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOOD;BoraginaceaeFL20733
Brickellia cordifolia FLYR'S NEMESISAsteraceaeFL10317
Brugmansia suaveolens ANGEL'S TRUMPET;SolanaceaeFL20618
Brugmansia suaveolens ANGEL'S TRUMPET;SolanaceaeFL20371
Brugmansia suaveolens ANGEL'S TRUMPET;SolanaceaeFL20367
Buchnera americana AMERICAN BLUEHEARTSOrobanchaceaeFL15756
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20857
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20856
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20855
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20853
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20851
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20848
Bucida buceras BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20847
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20745
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20752
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20753
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20756
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20759
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20760
Bucida molinetii SPINY BLACK OLIVE;CombretaceaeFL20748
Buckleya distichophylla PIRATEBUSH;SantalaceaeFL20327
Burmannia capitata SOUTHERN BLUETHREAD;BurmanniaceaeFL10217
Bursera simaruba GUMBO-LIMBO;BurseraceaeFL00978
Bursera simaruba GUMBO-LIMBO;BurseraceaeFL01786
Byrsonima lucida LONG KEY LOCUSTBERRY;MalpighiaceaeFL01707
Byrsonima lucida LONG KEY LOCUSTBERRY;MalpighiaceaeFL02295