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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented here include 2927 of more than 17,000 available plant images representing more than 1200 species. New images are digitized and added to the online image database on a regular basis. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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21 images available for genera beginning with V

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Valerianella radiata BEAKED CORNSALAD;ValerianaceaeFL14286
Callicarpa americana AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRYVerbenaceaeFL15762
Callicarpa americana AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRY;VerbenaceaeFL18771
Callicarpa americana AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRY;VerbenaceaeFL17629
Callicarpa americana AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRYVerbenaceaeFL02247
Callicarpa americana AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRYVerbenaceaeFL13771ST
Callicarpa americana AMERICAN BEAUTYBERRYVerbenaceaeFL13771
Citharexylum spinosum FLORIDA FIDDLEWOOD;VerbenaceaeFL01665
Citharexylum spinosum FLORIDA FIDDLEWOOD;VerbenaceaeFL02379
Duranta erecta GOLDEN DEWDROPS;VerbenaceaeFL02183
Duranta erecta GOLDEN DEWDROPS;VerbenaceaeFL20426
Duranta erecta GOLDEN DEWDROPS;VerbenaceaeFL02185
Lantana involucrata BUTTONSAGEVerbenaceaeFL02381
Viola hastata HALBERDLEAF YELLOW VIOLETViolaceaeFL00794
Viola hastata HALBERDLEAF YELLOW VIOLETViolaceaeFL00794A
Viola lanceolata BOG WHITE VIOLETViolaceaeFL08460
Viola pedata BIRD'S-FOOT VIOLETViolaceaeFL17065
Viola primulifolia PRIMROSELEAF VIOLETViolaceaeFL11669
Viola walteri PROSTRATE BLUE VIOLETViolaceaeFL11482
Parthenocissus quinquefolia VIRGINIA CREEPER; WOODBINEVitaceaeFL18777
Parthenocissus quinquefolia VIRGINIA CREEPER; WOODBINEVitaceaeFL18721