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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented here include 2927 of more than 17,000 available plant images representing more than 1200 species. New images are digitized and added to the online image database on a regular basis. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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83 images available for genera beginning with O

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Chionanthus pygmaeus PIGMY FRINGETREE;OleaceaeFL02760
Chionanthus virginicus WHITE FRINGETREE; OLD-MANS BEARD;OleaceaeFL01165
Chionanthus virginicus WHITE FRINGETREEOleaceaeFL01602
Chionanthus virginicus WHITE FRINGETREE; OLD-MANS BEARDOleaceaeFL17845
Chionanthus virginicus WHITE FRINGETREE; OLD-MANS BEARDOleaceaeFL18708
Chionanthus virginicus WHITE FRINGETREEOleaceaeFL01498
Foresteria godfreyi GODFREY'S PRIVET;OleaceaeFL19392
Forestiera acuminata EASTERN SWAMPPRIVET;OleaceaeFL20900
Forestiera acuminata EASTERN SWAMPPRIVET;OleaceaeFL20890
Forestiera acuminata EASTERN SWAMPPRIVET;OleaceaeFL20901
Forestiera godfreyi GODFREY'S PRIVET;OleaceaeFL19384
Fraxinus caroliniana CAROLINA ASH; WATER ASH; POP ASH;OleaceaeFL21221
Fraxinus pennsylvanica GREEN ASH; PUMPKIN ASHOleaceaeFL03371
Ligustrum lucidum GLOSSY PRIVET;OleaceaeFL02249
Ligustrum lucidum GLOSSY PRIVET;OleaceaeFL01448
Ligustrum sinense CHINESE PRIVET;OleaceaeFL02908
Osmanthus americanus WILD OLIVEOleaceaeFL01543
Osmanthus americanus WILD OLIVE; AMERICAN DEVILWOODOleaceaeFL19160
Gaura angustifolia SOUTHERN BEEBLOSSOM;OnagraceaeFL15737
Botrychium biternatum SOUTHERN GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL04015
Botrychium dissectum CUTLEAF GRAPEFERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05733
Botrychium lunarioides WINTER GRAPE-FERNOphioglossaceaeFL16874
Botrychium lunarioides WINTER GRAPE-FERNOphioglossaceaeFL16880
Botrychium virginianum RATTLESNAKE FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL06136
Botrychium virginianum RATTLESNAKE FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05003
Botrychium x jenmanii ALABAMA GRAPE-FERN; JENMAN'S GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05702
Botrychium x jenmanii ALABAMA GRAPE-FERN; JENMAN'S GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05716
Botrychium x jenmanii ALABAMA GRAPE-FERN; JENMAN'S GRAPE-FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05726
Ophioglossum crotalophoroides BULBOUS ADDER'S-TONGUE; DWARF ADDER'S-TONGUE FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL05140
Ophioglossum nudicaule SLENDER ADDER'S-TONGUE;OphioglossaceaeFL07438
Ophioglossum palmatum HAND FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL06050
Ophioglossum palmatum HAND FERN;OphioglossaceaeFL06046
Ophioglossum pendulum OLD WORLD ADDER'S-TONGUE;OphioglossaceaeFL06130
Ophioglossum petiolatum STALKED ADDER'S TONGUE;OphioglossaceaeFL05294
Calopogon barbatus BEARDED GRASSPINKOrchidaceaeFL08256
Calopogon multiflorus MANYFLOWERED GRASSPINK;OrchidaceaeFL21156
Calopogon multiflorus MANYFLOWERED GRASSPINK;OrchidaceaeFL21150
Calopogon pallidus PALE GRASSPINK;OrchidaceaeFL21160
Calopogon pallidus PALE GRASSPINK;OrchidaceaeFL21161
Calopogon pallidus PALE GRASSPINK;OrchidaceaeFL21165
Calopogon tuberosus TUBEROUS GRASSPINKOrchidaceaeFL13311
Corallorhiza wisteriana SPRING CORALROOTOrchidaceaeFL16935
Corallorhiza wisteriana SPRING CORALROOTOrchidaceaeFL16941
Corallorhiza wisteriana SPRING CORALROOTOrchidaceaeFL16944
Cypripedium acaule PINK LADY'S-SLIPPEROrchidaceaeFL17317
Cypripedium kentuckiense SOUTHERN LADY'S-SLIPPEROrchidaceaeFL17313
Epidendrum conopseum GREEN-FLY ORCHID;OrchidaceaeFL12845
Epidendrum conopseum GREEN-FLY ORCHID;OrchidaceaeFL12855
Habenaria quinqueseta LONGHORN FALSE REINORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL10366
Habenaria quinqueseta LONGHORN FALSE REINORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL10376
Habenaria quinqueseta LONGHORN FALSE REINORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL10376ST
Listera australis SOUTHERN TWAYBLADEOrchidaceaeFL16901A
Listera australis SOUTHERN TWAYBLADEOrchidaceaeFL16901
Listera australis SOUTHERN TWAYBLADE;OrchidaceaeFL14212
Malaxis unifolia GREEN ADDERSMOUTH ORCHID;OrchidaceaeFL11612
Platanthera blephariglottis conspicuaWHITE FRINGED ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL10008ST
Platanthera blephariglottis conspicuaWHITE FRINGED ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL10009
Platanthera clavellata GREEN WOOD ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL07644
Platanthera cristata CRESTED YELLOW ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL09610
Platanthera cristata CRESTED YELLOW ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL09610ST
Platanthera integra ORANGE REINORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL10034
Pogonia bifaria FERNALD'S POGONIAOrchidaceaeFL12423
Pogonia divaricata ROSEBUD ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL15408ST
Pogonia divaricata ROSEBUD ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL15408
Pogonia ophioglossoides ROSE POGONIAOrchidaceaeFL12438
Pogonia verticillata WHORLED POGONIA; PURPLE FIVELEAF ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL11909
Pogonia verticillata WHORLED POGONIAOrchidaceaeFL11918
Pteroglossaspis ecristata GIANT ORCHID; NON-CRESTED EULOPHIAOrchidaceaeFL09971
Spiranthes praecox GREENVEIN LADIESTRESSESOrchidaceaeFL15376
Tipularia discolor CRANEFLY ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL17371
Tipularia discolor CRANEFLY ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL17367
Tipularia discolor CRANEFLY ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL17383
Tipularia discolor CRANEFLY ORCHIDOrchidaceaeFL16809
Agalinis georgiana NONEOrobanchaceaeFL16528
Agalinis georgiana NONEOrobanchaceaeFL16540
Agalinis georgiana NONEOrobanchaceaeFL16525
Agalinis georgiana NONEOrobanchaceaeFL16542
Agalinis linifolia FLAXLEAF FALSE FOXGLOVEOrobanchaceaeFL10238
Buchnera americana AMERICAN BLUEHEARTSOrobanchaceaeFL15756
Conopholis americana AMERICAN SQUAWROOTOrobanchaceaeFL14305
Orobanche uniflora RED BROOMRAPEOrobanchaceaeFL08424
Osmunda cinnamomea CINNAMON FERN;OsmundaceaeFL05280