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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented here include 2927 of more than 17,000 available plant images representing more than 1200 species. New images are digitized and added to the online image database on a regular basis. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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20 images available for genera beginning with N

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Nelumbo lutea AMERICAN LOTUS;NelumbonaceaeFL09585
Nephrolepis biserrata GIANT SWORD FERNNephrolepidaceaeFL05173
Nephrolepis biserrata GIANT SWORD FERNNephrolepidaceaeFL05175
Guapira discolor BEEFTREE; BLOLLYNyctaginaceaeFL01365
Pisonia rotundata SMOOTH DEVIL'S CLAWS; COCKSPUR;NyctaginaceaeFL01693
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELO;NyssaceaeFL19713
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELO;NyssaceaeFL19714
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELONyssaceaeFL03318
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELONyssaceaeFL15919
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELONyssaceaeFL00719
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELONyssaceaeFL03319
Nyssa ogeche OGEECHEE TUPELONyssaceaeFL15918
Nyssa sylvatica BLACKGUM;NyssaceaeFL18655
Nyssa sylvatica BLACKGUM;NyssaceaeFL01808
Nyssa sylvatica BLACKGUMNyssaceaeFL17389
Nyssa sylvatica BLACKGUM;NyssaceaeFL21947
Nyssa sylvatica bifloraSWAMP TUPELO;NyssaceaeFL01206
Nyssa sylvatica bifloraSWAMP TUPELO;NyssaceaeFL01908
Nyssa sylvatica bifloraSWAMP TUPELONyssaceaeFL16648
Nyssa sylvatica bifloraSWAMP TUPELONyssaceaeFL16645