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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented here include 2927 of more than 17,000 available plant images representing more than 1200 species. New images are digitized and added to the online image database on a regular basis. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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22 images available for genera beginning with G

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Bartonia verna WHITE SCREWSTEMGentianaceaeFL11353
Gentiana autumnalis PINEBARREN GENTIANGentianaceaeFL14024
Gentiana catesbaei CATESBY'S GENTIANGentianaceaeFL11153
Gentiana pennelliana WIREGRASS GENTIANGentianaceaeFL11273
Gentiana saponaria SOAPWORT GENTIANGentianaceaeFL15927
Gentiana saponaria SOAPWORT GENTIANGentianaceaeFL15928
Gentiana villosa STRIPED GENTIANGentianaceaeFL13892
Sabatia angularis ROSEPINKGentianaceaeFL15882
Sabatia bartramii BARTRAM'S ROSEGENTIANGentianaceaeFL09925
Sabatia campanulata SLENDER ROSEGENTIANGentianaceaeFL09417
Sabatia gentianoides PINEWOODS ROSEGENTIANGentianaceaeFL09335
Sabatia grandiflora LARGEFLOWER ROSEGENTIAN;GentianaceaeFL21143
Sabatia macrophylla LARGELEAF ROSEGENTIAN;GentianaceaeFL09301
Sabatia quadrangula FOURANGLE ROSEGENTIAN;GentianaceaeFL21200
Sabatia quadrangula FOURANGLE ROSEGENTIAN;GentianaceaeFL21197
Geranium maculatum WILD GERANIUM; CRANESBILL;GeraniaceaeFL18373
Geranium maculatum WILD GERANIUM; CRANESBILL;GeraniaceaeFL18369
Ginkgo biloba GINKGO;GinkgoaceaeFL16730
Ginkgo biloba GINKGO;GinkgoaceaeFL16726
Ginkgo biloba GINKGO;GinkgoaceaeFL16740
Ginkgo biloba GINKGO;GinkgoaceaeFL16733
Ribes echinellum MICCOSUKEE GOOSEBERRY;GrossulariaceaeFL02644