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Spring Helenium (Helenium vernale)

The images presented here include 2927 of more than 17,000 available plant images representing more than 1200 species. New images are digitized and added to the online image database on a regular basis. For information on the availability of additional species you may search the available images database.

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90 images available for genera beginning with B

SpeciesCommon NameFamilyNumberImage
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22294
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22285
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22287
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22290
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22292
Batis maritima SALTWORT; TURTLEWEEDBataceaeFL22293
Nandina domestica HEAVENLY BAMBOO;BerberidaceaeFL02489
Podophyllum peltatum MAYAPPLE;BerberidaceaeFL18357
Podophyllum peltatum MAYAPPLE;BerberidaceaeFL18353
Podophyllum peltatum MAYAPPLE;BerberidaceaeFL18349
Podophyllum peltatum MAYAPPLE;BerberidaceaeFL18348
Podophyllum peltatum MAYAPPLE;BerberidaceaeFL18359
Alnus serrulata HAZEL ALDER;BetulaceaeFL19266
Alnus serrulata HAZEL ALDER;BetulaceaeFL19275
Alnus serrulata HAZEL ALDER;BetulaceaeFL19272
Alnus serrulata HAZEL ALDER;BetulaceaeFL19271
Alnus serrulata HAZEL ALDER;BetulaceaeFL19274
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18994
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19016
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19012
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19006
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19005
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL19000
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18997
Betula alleghaniensis YELLOW BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18996
Betula nigra RIVER BIRCHBetulaceaeFL17312
Betula nigra RIVER BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL18467
Betula nigra RIVER BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL07716
Betula papyrifera cordifoliaMOUNTAIN PAPER BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL21944
Betula populifolia GRAY BIRCH;BetulaceaeFL21943
Carpinus caroliniana AMERICAN HORNBEAM; BLUEBEECHBetulaceaeFL19578
Carpinus caroliniana AMERICAN HORNBEAM; BLUEBEECHBetulaceaeFL07503
Ostrya virginiana EASTERN HOPHORNBEAMBetulaceaeFL17074
Ostrya virginiana EASTERN HOPHORNBEAM;BetulaceaeFL02178
Bignonia capreolata CROSSVINE;BignoniaceaeFL02683
Campsis 'Madame Rosy' TRUMPET CREEPER 'MADAME ROSY';BignoniaceaeFL18337
Campsis 'Madame Rosy' TRUMPET CREEPER 'MADAME ROSY';BignoniaceaeFL18335
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL22147
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL22142
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL22146
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL18626
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL18632
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL18775
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL00173
Campsis radicans TRUMPET CREEPER;BignoniaceaeFL22139
Catalpa bignonioides SOUTHERN CATALPABignoniaceaeFL02216
Catalpa bignonioides SOUTHERN CATALPA;BignoniaceaeFL01040
Catalpa bignonioides SOUTHERN CATALPA;BignoniaceaeFL01074
Jacaranda mimosifolia JACARANDA; BLACK POUI;BignoniaceaeFL19833
Jacaranda mimosifolia JACARANDA; BLACK POUI;BignoniaceaeFL19834
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19978
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19964
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19968
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19979
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19975
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19976
Spathodea campanulata AFRICAN TULIP TREE;BignoniaceaeFL19971
Tabebuia aurea CARIBBEAN TRUMPETTREE;BignoniaceaeFL19825
Tabebuia aurea CARIBBEAN TRUMPETTREE;BignoniaceaeFL19827
Tabebuia heterophylla WHITE CEDAR;BignoniaceaeFL19820
Tabebuia heterophylla WHITE CEDAR;BignoniaceaeFL19816
Tabebuia heterophylla WHITE CEDAR;BignoniaceaeFL19815
Tabebuia heterophylla WHITE CEDAR;BignoniaceaeFL19821
Tecoma stans YELLOW ELDER; YELLOW TRUMPETBUSHBignoniaceaeFL01314
Woodwardia virginica VIRGINIA CHAIN FERN;BlechnaceaeFL04075
Woodwardia virginica VIRGINIA CHAIN FERN;BlechnaceaeFL04077
Bourreria cassinifolia SMOOTH STRONGBARK; LITTLE STRONGBARKBoraginaceaeFL20705
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20730
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20729
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20727
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20632
Bourreria radula ROUGH STRONGBARK;BoraginaceaeFL20631
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODBoraginaceaeFL02443
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOOD;BoraginaceaeFL20733
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODBoraginaceaeFL03032
Bourreria succulenta BAHAMA STRONGBARK; BODYWOODBoraginaceaeFL01378
Cordia sebestena LARGELEAF GEIGERTREEBoraginaceaeFL01234
Cynoglossum virginianum WILD COMFREY;BoraginaceaeFL07475
Lithospermum caroliniense HAIRY PUCCOONBoraginaceaeFL12060
Onosmodium virginianum FALSE GROMWELL; WILD JOB'S TEARS;BoraginaceaeFL12072
Cardamine concatenata CUTLEAF TOOTHCUP;BrassicaceaeFL19417
Cardamine concatenata CUTLEAF TOOTHCUP;BrassicaceaeFL19416
Raphanus raphanistrum WILD RADISH;BrassicaceaeFL14162
Apteria aphylla NODDING NIXIE;BurmanniaceaeFL10548
Burmannia capitata SOUTHERN BLUETHREAD;BurmanniaceaeFL10217
Bursera simaruba GUMBO-LIMBO;BurseraceaeFL01786
Bursera simaruba GUMBO-LIMBO;BurseraceaeFL00978
Pachysandra procumbens MOUNTAIN SPURGE; ALLEGHENY SPURGEBuxaceaeFL17840
Pachysandra procumbens MOUNTAIN SPURGEBuxaceaeFL08192
Pachysandra procumbens MOUNTAIN SPURGE; ALLEGHENY SPURGEBuxaceaeFL17843