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24 images available for genera beginning with R

SpeciesFamilyCommon NameNumberImage
Randia aculeata RubiaceaeWHITE INDIGOBERRY;FL02306
Randia aculeata RubiaceaeWHITE INDIGOBERRY;FL06474
Rapanea punctata MyrsinaceaeMYRSINE; COLICWOODFL01495
Rapanea punctata MyrsinaceaeMYRSINE; COLICWOODFL20994
Rapanea punctata MyrsinaceaeMYRSINE; COLICWOODFL20995
Reynosia septentrionalis RhamnaceaeDARLINGPLUM;FL01244
Rhamnus caroliniana RhamnaceaeCAROLINA BUCKTHORN;FL01882
Rhamnus caroliniana RhamnaceaeCAROLINA BUCKTHORN;FL01884
Rhizophora mangle RhizophoraceaeRED MANGROVEFL01627
Rhizophora mangle RhizophoraceaeRED MANGROVEFL01104
Rhus copallinum AnacardiaceaeWINGED SUMAC;FL02203
Rhus copallinum AnacardiaceaeWINGED SUMAC;FL02062
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMACFL16808
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMACFL16796
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMACFL16792
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMACFL16795
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMAC;FL02224
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMAC;FL18289
Rhus glabra AnacardiaceaeSMOOTH SUMAC;FL19780
Robinia pseudoacacia FabaceaeBLACK LOCUSTFL03341
Robinia pseudoacacia FabaceaeBLACK LOCUST;FL21893
Robinia pseudoacacia FabaceaeBLACK LOCUST;FL21894
Roystonea regia ArecaceaeFLORIDA ROYAL PALM;FL19845
Roystonea regia ArecaceaeFLORIDA ROYAL PALM;FL21263