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31 images available for genera beginning with D

SpeciesFamilyCommon NameNumberImage
Dalbergia sissoo FabaceaeINDIAN ROSEWOOD;FL20291
Dalbergia sissoo FabaceaeINDIAN ROSEWOOD;FL20294
Dalbergia sissoo FabaceaeINDIAN ROSEWOOD;FL20297
Delonix regia FabaceaeROYAL POINCIANA;FL19935
Delonix regia FabaceaeROYAL POINCIANA;FL20013
Delonix regia FabaceaeROYAL POINCIANA;FL20014
Delonix regia FabaceaeROYAL POINCIANA;FL20019
Delonix regia FabaceaeROYAL POINCIANA;FL20021
Diospyros ebenum EbenaceaeEBONY;FL20967
Diospyros ebenum EbenaceaeEBONY;FL20968
Diospyros ebenum EbenaceaeEBONY;FL20971
Diospyros maritima EbenaceaeNONE;FL20717
Diospyros maritima EbenaceaeNONE;FL20718
Diospyros maritima EbenaceaeNONE;FL20721
Diospyros maritima EbenaceaeNONE;FL20722
Diospyros maritima EbenaceaeNONE;FL20723
Diospyros virginiana EbenaceaeCOMMON PERSIMMON;FL06248
Diospyros virginiana EbenaceaeCOMMON PERSIMMON;FL02031
Diospyros virginiana EbenaceaeCOMMON PERSIMMON;FL06245
Dodonaea viscosa SapindaceaeVARNISHLEAF; FLORIDA HOPBUSH;FL01056
Dodonaea viscosa SapindaceaeVARNISHLEAF; FLORIDA HOPBUSH;FL01057
Drypetes diversifolia EuphorbiaceaeWHITEWOOD; MILKBARKFL01224
Drypetes diversifolia EuphorbiaceaeWHITEWOOD; MILKBARKFL01249
Duranta erecta VerbenaceaeGOLDEN DEWDROPS;FL20426
Duranta erecta VerbenaceaeGOLDEN DEWDROPS;FL02183
Duranta erecta VerbenaceaeGOLDEN DEWDROPS;FL02185
Dypsis lutescens ArecaceaeARECA PALM;FL19948
Dypsis lutescens ArecaceaeARECA PALM;FL19947
Dypsis lutescens ArecaceaeARECA PALM;FL19949
Dypsis lutescens ArecaceaeARECA PALM;FL19951
Dypsis lutescens ArecaceaeARECA PALM;FL19950