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28 images available for genera beginning with T

SpeciesFamilyCommon NameNumberImage
Tabebuia aurea BignoniaceaeCARIBBEAN TRUMPETTREE;FL19825
Tabebuia aurea BignoniaceaeCARIBBEAN TRUMPETTREE;FL19827
Talipariti tiliaceum MalvaceaeSEA HIBISCUS; MAHOEFL01281
Talipariti tiliaceum MalvaceaeSEA HIBISCUS; MAHOEFL03024
Talipariti tiliaceum pernambucenseMalvaceaeYELLOW MAHOE;FL03209
Tecoma stans BignoniaceaeYELLOW ELDER; YELLOW TRUMPETBUSHFL01314
Ternstroemia gymnanthera TheaceaeJAPANESE TERNSTROEMIA; CLAYERA;FL21952
Ternstroemia gymnanthera TheaceaeJAPANESE TERNSTROEMIA; CLAYERA;FL21953
Ternstroemia gymnanthera TheaceaeJAPANESE TERNSTROEMIA; CLAYERA;FL21954
Ternstroemia gymnanthera TheaceaeJAPANESE TERNSTROEMIA; CLAYERA;FL21959
Tetrazygia bicolor MelastomataceaeFLORIDA CLOVER ASH; TETRAZYGIAFL01089
Tetrazygia bicolor MelastomataceaeFLORIDA CLOVER ASH; TETRAZYGIAFL02817
Thespesia populnea MalvaceaeSEASIDE MAHOE;FL01239
Thespesia populnea MalvaceaeSEASIDE MAHOE;FL20580
Thespesia populnea MalvaceaeSEASIDE MAHOE;FL20582
Thrinax morrisii ArecaceaeBRITTLE THATCH PALM; KEY THATCH PALMFL01719
Toxicodendron radicans AnacardiaceaeEASTERN POISON IVY;FL02207
Toxicodendron radicans AnacardiaceaeEASTERN POISON IVY;FL20194
Toxicodendron vernix AnacardiaceaePOISON SUMACFL03118
Toxicodendron vernix AnacardiaceaePOISON SUMACFL03115
Toxicodendron vernix AnacardiaceaePOISON SUMACFL03116
Toxicodendron vernix AnacardiaceaePOISON SUMACFL03114
Toxicodendron vernix AnacardiaceaePOISON SUMACFL03373
Trema micrantha CannabaceaeNETTLETREE;FL20973
Trema micrantha CannabaceaeNETTLETREE;FL20980
Trema micrantha CannabaceaeNETTLETREE;FL20981
Trema micranthum UlmaceaeNETTLETREEFL01093
Turnera ulmifolia TurneraceaeYELLOW ALDER; RAMGOAT DASHALONGFL19831